Conor Cullen

Conor Cullen
Partner Enablement Lead & Technical Project Manager

Conor Cullen is a project manager in IBM Watson Health and leads multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, researchers, designers and business experts developing demonstrable solutions on the transformative impact of A.I.

A key focus of Conor’s work is to bring personalised insights to the hands of health professionals and consumers. This requires the analysis of complex information to tailor insights that enable strong patient outcomes, reduce costs and aim to augment the capabilities of the human care team. A.I. is core to delivering on this vision.

A Dublin native, Conor graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology with a BSc. in Computer Science & Software Engineering and an MSc. in Management of Information Systems from Trinity College Dublin.

Health and the future of A.I.
April 10, 2018
Mahony Hall
16:30  -  17:00